Sunday, November 17, 2013

Parquet de Versailles

Parquet de Versailles - a parquet panel design internationally known and used. From Australia to Canada the Versailles is present in various houses. Probably the name associated with the famous palace makes it so popular. I have found a remarkable arrangement that contains the Parquet de Versailles panel all over the house. Where? France. Voila!


Parquet de Versailles

Parquet de Versailles - Partial View
Parquet de Versailles - Detail Image
Parquet de Versailles Parquet Panels
Parquet de Versailles
Parquet de Versailles - All over the House
Parquet de Versailles - Kids Room
Parquet de Versailles - In the Bathroom
Versailles Parquet Panels - Bathroom
Versailles Parquet Panels

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chevrons or Point d'Hongrie Parquet Flooring

I have been frequently encountered (on various places) people that take the Herringbone parquet flooring arrangement as Chevrons.

I have to say that today the parquet flooring is less known (and used) than it should be.

Two images of Chevrons (in France called Point d'Hongrie) below from the eclecchic blog.

Chevrons (en) - Point d'Hongrie (FR) - in a Kitchen
Chevrons / Point d''Hongrie - In an Office

Parquet Flooring in The House with High Ceilings

I have recently discovered a set of images about a house with high ceilings on a blog I sometimes visit - the eclecchic.

The house features a few parquet flooring arrangements - starting with the simple Herringbone to parquet panels framed by parquet borders.

Even the kitchen benefited by the a solid installation (parquet panels with design + parquet border).

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information about the location, year of the house.

Parquet Panels with Design
Herringbone Parquet Flooring Arrangement
Kitchen - Parquet Panels + Parquet Borders