Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Point'd Hongrie with Borders - Restoration in Bordeaux, France

A restoration work by Cedric Lannegrand's crew at SARL Infinity Parquet in Bordeaux, France. Here's  the description of the job, in French:
***Restauration de marqueterie (essence d'origine: Framiré, Ebène, Acajou et chêne. Essence de bois pour reprise: Movingui, Wengué, Acajou et Chêne)***

Source: Facebook page of SARL Infinity Parquet

Hardwood Floors with Inlays from 1800's in Washington D.C. - The Decatur House

A house built in the first quarter of the 1800s by Stephen Decatur and located near White House shows an interesting design of hardwood floors in strips framed by two rows of perimetral borders  - and medallion inlays. Article published by www.woodfloorbusiness.com about the restoration job performed by Universal Floors of Washington D.C. (www.universalfloors.com).
All waxed.

Source: https://www.woodfloorbusiness.com/sanding-finishing/a-historic-wood-floor-like-an-old-saddle.html


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Parquet Flooring with Design - Livadia Palace, Crimeea

From France to Crimeea. The Livadia Palace has been the summer retreat of czar Nikolas II and his family.
Later the Yalta Conference was held there in 1945.

One of the rooms that was Mr. Roosevelt's study has a design parquet flooring that is of interest to our blog especially that some of the designs are familiar to us. The parquet flooring is made of parquet panels with a certain design - not something special I would say - surrounded by a border (aesthetically questionable) and in the middle they have fit a medallion - a star surrounded by two frames.

No indication of the age of this work.

Livadia Palace, Crimeea, Front

Parquet Flooring - Roosevelt Room, Livadia Palace

Note: the Livadia Palace has another rooms where parquet flooring panels with design are present and where the design is more refined than in the Roosevelt room.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Parquet Flooring with Inlays - Restoration Work, Bordeaux, France

After almost two years of publishing absence I am coming back with a first article of a restoration work including parquet border inlays located in France's Bordeaux by one of our FB friends at Infinity Parkett.

The work to be restored is a parquet flooring with a border inlay where the age left its marks. The parquet flooring consists in a Point d'Hongrie layout surrounded by a border inlay with a Greek key pattern.

The initial state of the parquet flooring - image below:

The border inlay pattern is worked at a reduced thickness. We do not have information whether this parquetry work has been restored before this stage or not.

The corners of the border are cut in round shapes and they have used a floral pattern to complement the main body design.

Another image showing the parquet flooring border pattern from a different angle:

The original wood species were Framire, Ebony, Mahogany and Oak. During restoration some replacements took place bringing Satinwood and Wenge as replacements.

Other relevant images of the restoration work:

And a few final images showing the restored work:

Images courtesy of Infinity Parkett SARL
All images of this project can be seen on Infinity's Fabebook page.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parquet with design - France - Hôtel de Lesdiguières

The Hôtel de Lesdiguières is a 17th century building located in France/ Grenoble.
The parquet flooring with inlays that can be seen in this hotel is a 19th century work. The design belongs to Jean-François Hache (a marquetry creator) and it is said to have been executed during the 18th century.

A few nice images below:

copyright to http://grenoblophiles.blogspot.com/2012/08/la-maison-des-ducs.html
Parquet flooring with design - partial view

Parquet flooring panel - detail

Parquet panel with design - Grenoble/France

Parquet with design - France 19th century

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hardwood Floor Borders - An Apartment Renovation

The following images show a few rooms from an apartment in the USA. In fact is near Columbia University. This apartment has been renovated the building has been completed in 1909 and the parquet flooring is original from that date. The rooms have installed a classical parquet flooring layout - made of a chess pattern in the middle, a hardwood border inlay as perimeter separation and the backfill strips to the wall.

Hardwood Floor Border - parquet Flooring Installation
The hardwood floor border inlays in an apartment renovation

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Parquet Flooring with Geometric Designs - New Palace, Potsdam

A second post showing rooms with a beautiful parquet flooring installation in the Potsdam New Palace. A simple diamond-based design in three colors make the view of the floor a splendor for the eye. Another design with geometric design parquet panels. Images below. 

Geometric Design Parquet Flooring - Potsdam

Friedrich Working Room Parquet Flooring / Potsdam

Parquet Flooring with Inlays - The Potsdam's New Palace Concert Room

The concert room inside the Potsdam Palace, Germany. Beautifully large parquet flooring composition work with an interesting chromatic combination. The palace has been built between 1763 and 1978/79 (Frederic The Great) and it is a Prussian baroque.

A few images of the beautiful parquet flooring below.

Parquet Flooring Potsdam Palace, Germany - The Concert Room

Monday, June 9, 2014

Herringbone & Border Inlays in a New York Mansion

The Tracy Mansion. Located in Brooklyn the mansion has parquet floors with inlay borders in a typical installation. The parquet floors are a world famous Herringbone layout and the border surrounding the middle area is a classical one. Source:  www.frontdoor.com/photos/parquet-floors-historic-tracy-mansion

Another Old Parquet Floor with Inlays - Chattanooga, Tennessee

This mansion is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The table at the entry says tit has been built ”circa 1889”. It is nowadays called Mayor’s Mansion Inn formerly called Adams Hilborne Mansion Inn. The image below shows a piece of a parquet flooring composed from parquet panels and a border inlay. The article we took as source for this post is: http://ohtheplaceswesee.com/2012/08/12/even-better-than-i-remembered-chattanoogas-mayors-mansion-inn/

Old Parquet Floors with Inlays - Chattanooga, TN

Old Parquet Floors with Inlays at The Showers Mansion Bloomington, Indiana

The house is The Showers Mansion and it is located in Bloomington, Indiana. We have some date on this particular house, data that helps putting it on the history map. It has been built by a furniture magnate (W. Edward Showers) in the year 1904  (suppose 1904 is the year it was finished). The blogger which has published the image below - http://housesandbooks.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/the-showers-mansion-of-bloomington/ - does mention that ”the house has intricate parquet floors in every room”. Unfortunately there is a single image published. The parquet floor looks in excellent shape over 100 years from installation.

Parquet Floors with Inlays - Year 1904

Point'd Hongrie with Borders - Restoration in Bordeaux, France

A restoration work by Cedric Lannegrand's crew at SARL Infinity Parquet in Bordeaux, France. Here's  the description of the job, in...