Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Parquet Flooring - A New Aesthetic (The Article)

Parquet Flooring - A New AestheticThe hardwood borders – this is the used term on US market – are a high-end unfinished* made of solid hardwood product which unlike the conventional parquet flooring are not mass-produced but handmade by a craftsman. Piece-by-piece. Blending temperate hardwood species – like Oak – with exotic species of different colors (from red to brown or black) manufactured exclusively to order** they complement the parquet (or hardwood floors) are installed in, aesthetically changing the face of the entire assembly. The homeowner – or the interior designer, the architect – can select from number of patterns and compose a flooring to match the interior (both in forms and colors). by
*-job site finished (means the flooring is sanded and a lacquer applied at the place of installation);
**-some companies can offer different patterns directly from stock;

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Hardwood floor border inlay pattern