Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wood Floor Medallion - Installed in a Relatively Large Room - Dark Color Installation

The large 8 RAYS DOUBLE FRAME II hardwood floor medallion pattern (1500 mm diameter - approx. 60 inches) has been installed in a room with a dark color parquet flooring. A simple no-design-one-color sycamore border cca 200 mm / 8 inches wide creates a rectangle.

Hardwood Floor Medallion - The 8 Rays Double Frame II
Wood Floor Medallion - The 8 Rays DF II
Wood Floor Medallion Inlay - Close view

Parquet Flooring with Border - Patina Treated

Treating with patina would level the colors of the parquet flooring and make the whole installation look different.
Attached a picture of a small surface patina treated.

Wood Floor Borders - A Technical Drawing

For visitors seeking the technical aspects of the wood floor borders and their installation we publish this design.
As this blog is dedicated to the wood floor borders and medallions and their aesthetic valences we encourage the visitor to ask questions with reference to this subject.

Parquet Flooring - Border and Medallion Inlays - A New Aesthetic

Infinity - Wood Border Inlay Installed in a Hall

Infinity Pattern Hardwood Floor Borders

Hardwood Floor Borders - The Infinity Pattern

Parquet Border - The Infinity pattern - By Pavex Parquet

A couple of pictures with the INFINITY wood floor border installed in a hall. The installation has been done in a hallway together with Oak Basketweave parquet floor inlay pattern. A sample of an installation in a narrow space with hardwood borders at a 63 mm 2 1/4 in. wide. Installation by Naturally Wood Ltd., Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom.