Sunday, December 8, 2013

Parquetry with Inlays - Rastatt Palace | Germany

Rastatt Palace. Germany.

A few details - just a few lines - about the baroque style palace it would sound like this:

-the oldest Baroque residence in the Upper Rhine Valley
-commissioned by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelmof Baden-Baden
-architect being the Italian Domenico Edigio Rossi, who previously worked for Vienesse nobility
-completed on the first quarter of 18th century

Parquetry inlays have been used inside and there are two images to be shown to illustrate it:

Rastatt Palace, Germany - Parquetry Inlays

Rastatt Palace - Parquetry Designs

Parquet Floor Inlay - Yusupov Palace, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Parquet. Again in Russia. The Yusupov Palace is a must visit with reference to parquet flooring designs. But it is not the only one. Other palaces have their own designs. It was, most probably, a competition between extremely rich people at the time to have their palaces installed with the best parquetry inlay designs.

Parquet Inlays - Yusupov Palace, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Image 1: Probably restored or completely reinstalled. Absolutely beautiful parquetry work.

Parquet Floor Medallion Inlay at Yusupov Palace, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Image 2: Parquet floor medallion inlay at Yusupov Palace, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parquet Flooring Design - Russborough House, Ireland

The Russborough House has been completed in 1750. The parquet flooring installed in the saloon is a remarkable piece of old work. Made of Mahogany and Satinwood. The room has a 33 x 26 ft. (10x 8 metres) size. We don't have a date for the parquet flooring, unfortunately. For example as the official site - - mentions the Genovese velvet in the same room is dated 1870.


Old Parquetry with Design Work - Ireland

Old Parquet Flooring Design - Ireland

Parquet Flooring Design - The Russborough House, Ireland

Old Parquet Flooring Work - Ireland

Monday, December 2, 2013

Parquet Floor Inlay in Belgium

A parquet flooring composition consisting of parquet floor medallions, parquet panels, parquet borders. The entire floor has been shared in areas to be completely covered with parquetry designs.

Source: The Interior Archive

Parquet floor design

Parquet. Bergamo, Italy

A parquet panel pattern found in Bergamo, Italy - Palazzo della Prefettura. The design has been created to give a 3D impression to the viewer.


Parquet Panel Design - Palazzo della Prefeturra, Bergamo, Italy

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Parquet Border Inlay - Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy. An apartment with an old parquet floor arrangement (here we have a Herringbone layout) displaying also a parquet border inlay. A classic parquet flooring installation. Impossible to verify the time details related to the parquet floor because - as happens so frequently - the parquet flooring is a side of non-interest in articles about interior design.

Parquet - Milano - Italy

Donatella Versace's House - Parquet Panels with Design

A place where the wood has been used in the form of parquet panels - Donatella Versace's house. The rest of the room has not been neglected. The below images show two parquet panels patterns.


Donatella Versace's House - Parquet Flooring Panels

Parquet Patterns at Donatella Versace's House