Monday, June 24, 2013

Hardwood Border in an 1898 Historic House.

Another example of an old parquet flooring with a hardwood border (a nail down installation) located in Hinsdale, IL. House built 1898. The hardwood border - a well know pattern - is installed in a room together with a geometric parquet flooring pattern.


Hardwood Border - In an Historic House

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Parquet Flooring Panels

Parquet flooring panels. One of my favorites. Excellent work and finesse.

Parquet Floor Panels

Parquet Flooring with Hardwood Border Inlay

Another sample of nail down parquet flooring with a Basket Weave arrangement. The area in the middle is surrounded by a hardwood border inlay (a typical border design for that age).

Basket Weave Parquet Layout with Hardwood Border Inlay

Parquet Flooring - Herringbone with Intricate Border Inlay

A picture of a parquet flooring, a herringbone layout surrounded by an intricate border inlay. Can't say for sure (image resolution and clarity aren't the best) but I suppose is an old and refinished parquetry work.

Parquet Flooring - Herringbone with Intricate Border Inlay

Old Parquet Floor with Border Inlays - Savannah, GA

Magnolia Hall (House) - Guest House of Savannah College of Art and Design. Designed in 1878 by New York architect Abraham J. Snedeker built for cotton magnate Jacob Guerard Heyward. Second Empire design style.

Sample of parquet flooring with hardwood floor borders. In image can be seen that each flooring element is nailed down.

Parquet Floor with Hardwood Border Inlays - Savannah ,GA

Magnolia Hall, Savannah, GA

Chevrons - Point d' Hongrie - with Parquet Border Inlay

A sample of the Chevrons layout (in France it is called ”Point d' Hongrie” ) installed with a parquet border. The installation work is still underway. Location & time: London, U.K., May 2013.

Chevrons + Parquet Border Inlays

Parquet Border Inlays, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Another sample of the old parquet flooring with border inlays. Old job, nail pinned on every piece. Two parquet border patterns (hardwood floor borders) visible. Location: Brooklyn, N.Y. Age? Probably close to 100 years.

Parquet Flooring with Harwdood Floor Borders

Custom Made Parquet Flooring Design

Here's a piece of custom-made design parquet flooring made of walnut and maple planks with a border. The flooring has been treated to look old (antiqued). It is inspired after a flooring from an Italian villa.


Parquet Flooring in the Dining Room

Hardwood Floor Border Detail

Antiqued walnut parquet flooring