Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Typical Installation - Hardwood Floor Border with Herringbone Laid Parquet

Somewhere in the U.K.-

The installation in the image is done in a relatively small room. It is composed from a Herringbone laid parquet pattern in the middle (parquet battens 10x70x350mm) a Greek Key DE (double edge) parquet border pattern and the backfill strip (completes the installation to the wall).

The installation has been done by Naturally Wood Ltd., Loughton, Essex, U.K.

Classic rectangle shape of the border, classic installation.
The Greek Key Hardwood Border + Herringbone laid parquet flooring

Monday, March 28, 2011

Insole Court in South Wales and the fine parquetry with inlay border. Craftsmanship of the 19th century.

The Insole Court is a Llandlaff, South Wales located mansion who belonged to James Harvey Insole, a colliery proprietor. It's a mansion whose building started at the middle of 19th century and went through a series of rebuilding and redecoration phases afterwards.

What interests us is the parquetry flooring installed in the house in the 19th century which, in the dining room, features a splendid parquet border.

I have found two detail images on Mark's photo stream at Flickr:
Wide parquet border inlay - detail, Insole Court.
Parquet flooring with border, Insole Court - detail

Old parquet floor borders for restoration in New York city residence

Some time ago one customer requested the reproduction of a parquet border to be used in the recreation of an old floor in a New York city residence. The border to be reproduced was a well known pattern. Attached are two images showing the pattern but also the degree of deterioration the flooring was in at that date.
Unfortunately there are a lot of this kind of works on which the time-effect and the lack of care are devastating.
Damaged hardwood border - image 1

Damaged hardwood border - image 2

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hardwood Floor Medallion Installation - Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France - Installed Hardwood Floor Medallion

Hardwood Floor Medallion Initial Drawing
This post presents an installation of a "8 RAYS MARQ FRAME" hardwood floor medallion - somewhere in France. It is an interesting installation in a kitchen (...!...). We have attached two images, one of the initial design provided to the customer and their final installation.

Parquet border in Sankt Petersburg

parquet by liz&jeff | patonphotography.ca
parquet, a photo by liz&jeff | patonphotography.ca on Flickr.
Large inlay border in one of the Sankt Petersburg palaces - a type of Greek key pattern. Some of the works there have been remade after the damages inflicted in the WW II.

The works in the palaces of Hermitage and Pavlovsk (but not only) are worth seeing.

Solid System Hardwood Floor Borders

The image attached shows a sectioned hardwood floor border (our Grill pattern in this case). It is a standard 10 mm thickness product that can be installed in glue down parquetry works.

For the case where different thicknesses are needed there are the following two solutions available:
1. Inferior thickness - under 10 mm thicknesses can be manufactured - like 8 mm (5/16 inch) for example;
2. Superior thicknesses - something like 19 mm (3/4 inch) or 21 - 22 mm - for this case a plywood is attached underneath the border to compensate to the overall thickness of the surrounding floor;
Solid System Hardwood Floor Border