Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parquetry Works - Germany (Prussia) - This Article: Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

Kaizer's Place. Another place to consider is actual Germany and the former Prussia. This post focuses on Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. Some palaces have beautiful parquetry works even if here we cannot find the intricacy of the Russian palaces.

Charlottenburg - View of a Room. Beautiful Parquetry.

Charlottenburg - Partial View of a Room with Parquet Flooring Panels

Charlottenburg - Corner of a Room with Parquet Panels

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin - Room Corner with Parquetry Work

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin - Corner of a Room with Parquet Panels Work

Charlottenburg Palace - Room with Parquetry Work

Charlottenburg Palace - Long Hallway with Parquetry Work

St. Petersburg Russian Palaces - The Place of Exquisite Parquetry Works

If somebody wants to see a collection of fine parquet works one place to go (or view) is St. Petersburg and its palaces. The small to large compositions (the most expensive parquetry option) are available for visitors. Fortunately some of them do appreciate the floor beneath their feet and take pictures we all can share.

Parquet Work at Hermitage

Hall with Parquet Flooring Square Compositions - Greek Key Framed

Large Parquetry Work at Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

Parquetry Composition at Hermitage palace - Hall of Peter The Great

St. Petersbug Pavlovsk - Beautiful Parquetry Composition

St. Petersburg Palace - Stair with Parquet Motif (Hardwood Floor Medallion)

Parquet Flooring - An Example on How Uncontrasting Colors May be Used

Using not contrasting colors when composing a parquet flooring is a solution that shows maturity. Here's an example on how red birch (first image) and Oak (second image) have been used to compose a hallway and a room parquet flooring design. It is a way of employing the variations in the wood to achieve a pleasant aspect. The Oak has been patina treated to achieve an uniform color.

Source: http://www.finecutwoodflooring.com/?_escaped_fragment_=site-cut-parquet/c15ia

Beautiful Red Birch Parquet Flooring Design

Same Specie Uncontrasting Parquet Flooring with Border Design

Late 1800 Queen Anne Victorian parquet border

A parquet border inlay in a multi-family late 1800 house. We have found it recently. The design is not outstanding but it proves the using of hardwood floor borders for relatively modest homes at that particular time. Oak has been used all around (door and wall panels).

Source:  http://www.simonsrock.com/queen-anne-victorian-multi-family/

Late 1800 parquet border in flooring