Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Parquet Flooring with Geometric Designs - New Palace, Potsdam

A second post showing rooms with a beautiful parquet flooring installation in the Potsdam New Palace. A simple diamond-based design in three colors make the view of the floor a splendor for the eye. Another design with geometric design parquet panels. Images below. 

Geometric Design Parquet Flooring - Potsdam

Friedrich Working Room Parquet Flooring / Potsdam

Parquet Flooring with Inlays - The Potsdam's New Palace Concert Room

The concert room inside the Potsdam Palace, Germany. Beautifully large parquet flooring composition work with an interesting chromatic combination. The palace has been built between 1763 and 1978/79 (Frederic The Great) and it is a Prussian baroque.

A few images of the beautiful parquet flooring below.

Parquet Potsdam Palace, Germany - Concert Room

Parquet Flooring Potsdam Palace, Germany - The Concert Room

Parquet Potsdam Palace, Germany - Concert Room