Friday, January 4, 2013

Kids Insets - Parquet Flooring Inlays

Pavex Parquet have been commissioned by a customer to design and manufacture a few patterns for a kids room parquet floor. A pair of flowers, a butterfly and a kitty have been created and installed inside the flooring. A few images can be seen below.

Parquet Flooring, Inset Inlay - Two Flowers
Parquet Flooring, Inset Inlay - Butterfly
Parquet Flooring Inset - The Kitty

Parquet Border by Pavex Parquet - Around the Fireplace Arrangement

Somewhere in Belgium, 2011.

The Weaver Lines II hardwood floor border inlay, manufactured by Pavex Parquet, has been installed in an around the fireplace layout. The parquet flooring work we have been commissioned for consists in two border patterns (Weaver Lines II & Ribbon) which have been installed in two separate rooms.

Two images:
1. the installation, a chimney area close view
2. the project drawing

Hardwood Floor Border - The Weaver Lines II

Hardwood Floor Border Inlay - Project Drawing

Parquet Border Close View - Old Nail Pinned Work, Boston

Boston. Close view of a hardwood border installation. Center filled with small field patterns (parquet panels).
All nail pinned on every element.

Hardwood Floor Border - Old Installation. Nail Pinned.

Double Line Parquet Border Inlay, New York.

Double parquet border - geometric one in the middle, marquetry ones on sides. New York.

Hallway Installed Parquet Border

Parquet border installed in a hallway and partially in the kitchen.