Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parquetry Works - Germany (Prussia) - This Article: Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

Kaizer's Place. Another place to consider is actual Germany and the former Prussia. This post focuses on Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. Some palaces have beautiful parquetry works even if here we cannot find the intricacy of the Russian palaces.

Charlottenburg - View of a Room. Beautiful Parquetry.

Charlottenburg - Partial View of a Room with Parquet Flooring Panels

Charlottenburg - Corner of a Room with Parquet Panels

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin - Room Corner with Parquetry Work

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin - Corner of a Room with Parquet Panels Work

Charlottenburg Palace - Room with Parquetry Work

Charlottenburg Palace - Long Hallway with Parquetry Work

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