Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Parquet Flooring with Design - Livadia Palace, Crimeea

From France to Crimeea. The Livadia Palace has been the summer retreat of czar Nikolas II and his family.
Later the Yalta Conference was held there in 1945.

One of the rooms that was Mr. Roosevelt's study has a design parquet flooring that is of interest to our blog especially that some of the designs are familiar to us. The parquet flooring is made of parquet panels with a certain design - not something special I would say - surrounded by a border (aesthetically questionable) and in the middle they have fit a medallion - a star surrounded by two frames.

No indication of the age of this work.

Livadia Palace, Crimeea, Front

Parquet Flooring - Roosevelt Room, Livadia Palace

Note: the Livadia Palace has another rooms where parquet flooring panels with design are present and where the design is more refined than in the Roosevelt room.

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