Monday, October 24, 2016

Parquet Flooring with Inlays - Restoration Work, Bordeaux, France

After almost two years of publishing absence I am coming back with a first article of a restoration work including parquet border inlays located in France's Bordeaux by one of our FB friends at Infinity Parkett.

The work to be restored is a parquet flooring with a border inlay where the age left its marks. The parquet flooring consists in a Point d'Hongrie layout surrounded by a border inlay with a Greek key pattern.

The initial state of the parquet flooring - image below:

The border inlay pattern is worked at a reduced thickness. We do not have information whether this parquetry work has been restored before this stage or not.

The corners of the border are cut in round shapes and they have used a floral pattern to complement the main body design.

Another image showing the parquet flooring border pattern from a different angle:

The original wood species were Framire, Ebony, Mahogany and Oak. During restoration some replacements took place bringing Satinwood and Wenge as replacements.

Other relevant images of the restoration work:

And a few final images showing the restored work:

Images courtesy of Infinity Parkett SARL
All images of this project can be seen on Infinity's Fabebook page.

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